In this week's rage-fueled installment of Speak-Up on Kotaku, Bharat Raghu, Jack2Pot, and Time Pilot AKA discuss retailer choices, Halo haters, and server downtime, while Darkboy1200 reminds us how awesome muppets are.

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Rage Against The Retailer

Bharat Raghu would like to kindly remind everyone that there is more than one place to pick up video games on launch day.

It makes me angry when people are too stupid to realize GameStop isn't the only video-game retailer around. If Reach is sold out at your GameStop hit up WalMart or Sam's Club. They always have TONS! Worked for me with Halo 3, GTA IV, Modern Warfare 2 and Reach.


Rage Against Halo Hate

Jack2Pot is wondering why all the Halo haters suddenly show up every time a new game in the series comes out. Good question!

Why do people hate Halo ?

I mean, I don't have a 360 and I would go as far as saying that I'm a Sony fanboy and don't think that getting a 360 would be game changer.


Halo is a great great game, a game that redefined online gaming on consoles, Halo3 is how many years ago? and it still has features that games today dream of. Halo is the reason I bought the first xbox, me and my friend Co oped the hell outa of it, and Halo 3 was the reason I went to my friends house every single day to play online with. Now i'm in college and have a job. so things are not that easy anymore, but Reach may be the reason I finally get an xbox 360.

But I guess in the end haters are still gonna hate anything big. I understand Archoatic's stand against the publicity of big game against smaller and more deserved games, but these big games were small games when they started, so doesn't that make them deserve what they are getting now?


Rage Against Server Downtime Rage

Time Pilot AKA finds himself in the unenviable position of considering siding with EA amidst a flurry of Need for Speed World server downtime fury.

EA's servers for NFS:World are down today and I was reading through the forums to see if there was any information. Seriously I didn't expect to read so much rage against a game which, even you're not playing for free, is only $20. The forum members act as if the downtime is some personal affront to their human rights, or that EA has insulted their mothers graves by allowing the servers to be overloaded by the 100,000 (or so) new players. Or that's what they would be saying if they were able to write at a level slightly more eloquent than that of a riddlin junkie 10-year-old.

I've been playing it for like a month and this is the first time the server's ever gone down. I used to play Star Trek Online and it would go belly-up semi daily, while STO required selling your soul and mortgaging your house to play.

And now I feel dirty for getting so worked up over a silly matter like this, not to mention the implications of taking EA's side. Man I hate the internet some days.


Raging For A Muppets Role-Playing Game

Darkboy1200 makes an extremely good point.

Seriously Bioware, Muppets in Space would make for the most epic RPG of all time.