Yes, we're back to this again. This week on Speak-Up on Kotaku, Subterpunk, AnnexOne, StrategyMonk, and Mr. Pie! punctuate the return of this feature with Extreme-G, console knock-offs, some awesome shoes, and the sad state of the Dreamcast.

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More Extreme-G Please

AnnexOne thinks there should be a new Extreme-G racing game, and I concur wholeheartedly.

You know what I want to see? A new Extreme-G racing game. Hell yeah.

The rights were bought when Acclaim went ass-up.

A racing game with some pure speed and adrenaline. Extreme-G 1, 2, 3 - All great games. Not XGRA, that was a bit of a shit.

Let's see some action! :D


60 Games, Unlimited Fun!

StrategyMonk shows us how Sears has managed to remain poignant and topical for so many years. Oh wait...

Received my Sears Wishbook in the mail today. Apparently China isn't the only country selling rip-off consoles.

If you are suffering from Wii shortages, or the price tag is just too much, try the new 'Wireless 60' Game System.

If you loved Ice Climbers back in the NES days and are itching to play something with half the climbers, try Ice Climber free with the new 'Wireless 60' Game System along with 59 other "great" games.

When I saw this I lol'd, but then I just felt sad for whoever is releasing this.


We Don't Endorse Footwear, But If We Did...

Mr. Pie! found the best shoes ever at the mall. If anyone knows where I can score a pair of these, feel free to drop me an email.

Oh, lord.... I was at the mall, and something called my attention... There it was... shiny.... calling me... I had found the holy grail of sneakers...

I know this must be old news for most kotakuites, but.. I found...



Yes, We Agree

Subterfunk didn't have much to say about the picture he shared, but he gets the point across.

this is kind of sad.

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