This week in Speak-Up on Kotaku, our readers question the use of the word "campaign", ponder BioWare's 404 error, discover where Tony Hawk Ride games go to die, and head out on the dusty trail of PC gaming.

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On The Campaign Trail

Ryan Rihan brings up a very good point. When exactly did a game's single-player game become a campaign?

I've noticed gaming blogs and some game companies now using the word "campaign" when referring to a game's main first-player or multiplayer experience. Where in the hell did this word come from? I feel as though it just cropped up within the last year, and all of a sudden I'm reading about NSMBW's campaign. Did I miss the memo yet again? Who started this whole "campaign" lingo?


And what about Story Mode, or is that fighting games only? I'm so confused.


404 Error

Imconfus tells us that "in the realm of the internet, some errors are comedic gold," sharing BioWare's tongue-in-cheek 404 error message with the masses.

The BioWare websites; online store; master server; and online authentication are temporarily unavailable. Sorry folks; we're having a few technical difficulties. Those pesky Gnomes are banging away at the giant; steam-producing clockwork computers we keep in the basement guarded by Swikky the dire squirrel. We will be back up as soon as we can."


I always wondered what happened to Swikky the dire squirrel.


Tony Hawk's Goodwill

If a used copy of Tony Hawk Ride is too much at GameStop, ViniTheHat suggests a more altrustic means of obtaining a cheap copy.

There are a MESS of Tony Hawk: Ride games on right now. Maybe you can play this dog for a steal!


One copy just went for $30, which is still far too much to pay for Tony Hawk Ride.


The Old West Of PC Gaming

MasterDex eloquently compares the highs and lows of PC gaming to the Old West.

PC gaming to me is a beautiful thing. It's like the Old West. Sure, you've got plenty of bandits and outlaws (pirates, hackers, crackers) but you've also got some of the most dedicated sherriffs and deputies (your friendly neighbourhood server admins and moderators). You've got people starting communities left, right and centre that grow exponentially in strength and numbers like the frontier towns. You've got young studios and ambitious devs-to-be innovating and taking advantage of the increased freedom, many of whom will take their knowledge and riches back to consoles. You've got freedom on the PC and all the pros and cons that freedom brings.


Perhaps he's seen the inside of my computer, which is as dusty as a cowboy's boots.

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