Sonic just can't get enough attention from collectible statue creators First 4 Figurines. Though committed to other franchises, and even introducing a few of Sonic's friends in previous products, First 4 Figurines has covered Sonic, Metal Sonic and Super Sonic.

But what about modern Sonic? As written in the product description, "He has a much sleeker, leaner and taller design than his previous classic version." And so this as yet unreleased figurine commemorates the modern design we're all currently familiar with.

A First 4 Figures statue would not be complete without lighting effects, though. If you browse through the gallery above you'll find sparks flying from Sonic's feet as he shreds through Emerald Coast, as well as glistening water beneath him in the statue's base. But don't expect your 15" Sonic figurine to come with blurring effects. That's just photo editing, silly.

If you have $200 spare dollars and a taste for limited edition figurines, First 4 Figures has you covered yet again.


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