More levels, more bosses, more enemies, and two classic arcade emulators add even more extreme to Space Invaders Extreme as new DLC for the Xbox Live Arcade version drops from the sky tomorrow.

A total of three new stages are being added to Space Invaders Extreme with tomorrow's new downloadable content, along with the requisite new enemies and bosses to add that extreme flavor. Perhaps the most exciting news is also the least extreme: two emulators are included in the pack, consisting of both the original black and white Space Invaders and the 8-bit color Space Invaders 2. Sure, you can play those two versions on countless devices using programs readily found on the internet, but that's completely beside the point.


The point is, this is probably as extreme as Space Invaders is likely to get any time soon, and it all happens tomorrow, provided you have 240 Microsoft points to spare.

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