Inspired by space sim classics like Wing Commander and X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter, Seamless Entertainment's SOL: Exodus is heading to Steam this Wednesday, giving fans of the genre plenty of time to find their old flight sticks.

With several big fans of the space combat sim genre in house, we've written quite a bit about SOL: Exodus already. We've even gotten several of our readers into the game's beta test, so if you're looking for more information on the current state of the game I'm sure one of them will pop up and lend their two cents.

The game features eight epic missions set in our own solar system (my own, at least; shouldn't speak for you folks). In the distant future overpopulation and pollution have ravaged the planet Earth, forcing humanity to reach for the stars in order to find a brand-new place to ravage. Colonies sprung up around the solar system, fighting with one another over the sort of things humanity fights over (probably girls).

Then the sun begins to die and everyone quickly gets their shit together, only to have some shadowy foes show up to slap them down. That's where we come in, piloting speedy craft, taking down countless enemies, and giving giant capital ships the old exhaust port missile enema.


It sounds like a great deal of fun, it looks like a great deal of fun, and for only $9.99 it smells like a bargain.

If you want a full feature list, hit up the SOL: Exodus page on Steam, or there's always the game's official website if you're feeling curious.


Anyone up for a little space combat?