While South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! is a long title for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, some of the working titles were even more of a mouthful. Snowballing, anyone?

At the "Save South Park One Snowball At A Time" panel at Comic-Con yesterday, South Park Digital's Chris Brion explained how the tower defense / action hybrid's name evolved from the original title, "South Park: Suck My Balls."

After a little bit...it was probably two months when Microsoft asked us to change it. Questions arose about Xbox Live Marketplace censoring. Would we just censor the U-C-K (S***)? Or if we censored the whole thing people might think it was Fuck My Balls. We ended up coming up with a name we felt was much improved.

That title? South Park: Snowballing.

"That one lasted about two or three weeks and went through a couple of levels before somebody finally said, "Wait a minute."


So they had to pull that one, and their next tile, "Baru Baru Suki Suki" got nixed right away, despite its pseudo-Japanese charm. In the end, they stuck with the Japanese feel, giving us South Park's Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, which I'm still not so sure about.