South Park: The Fractured But Whole Got Its Title Because They Couldn't Use 'Butthole'

Illustration for article titled iSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole/i Got Its Title Because They Couldnt Use Butthole

The next South Park video game was originally called ‘The Butthole Of Time,’ series creator Trey Parker says in a recent dev diary for the game. But they just couldn’t pull it off.


See, when Parker and co-creator Matt Stone took this potential title up the chain of Ubisoft decision-makers, word came down that retailers wouldn’t allow them to use the word “butthole” in their title. Conservative chains like Walmart and Target probably wouldn’t have wanted a display case called South Park: The Butthole Of Time. As much fun as that would have been.

“So I just sat there at my desk for hours,” Parker said, “how do I get butthole, butthole, butt hole, butt hole, but hole, but whole!”


This dev diary, which Ubisoft released over the weekend, is a lot of fun. If, like me, you’re ridiculously excited for this game, you’ll enjoy it quite a bit.

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And because of that the title is 10000% better and funnier