South Park Creators: 'I Hope We Don't Get A F***Ing Four On GameSpot'

The creators of South Park look tired, which makes sense, because they've been working on their game for what seems like forever. You can watch them talk a little bit about South Park: The Stick of Truth (out March 4 for 360/PS3/PC) in this short behind-the-scenes video, which is worth watching, because anything with Trey Parker and Matt Stone is always worth watching (even—especially—Cannibal: The Musical).


Hilariously, GameSpot actually gave the old Acclaim South Park game a 5.8/10. So, uh, at least the bar is low?

(h/t Reddit)


The Acclaim South Park first person shooter that my friends and I destroyed our N64 analog sticks playing was a 5.8/10?

Screw you Gamespot!