Korean TV Tracks Election With Game Of Thrones

During the recent presidential election in South Korea, one television network decided the best way to track the votes would be turning all the candidates into Game of Thrones type characters.


Network SBS’s coverage was called, as tipster Sang points out, “Big Election Game: Searching For The Throne.” The intro graphics even looked like the opening credit sequence for, well, Game of Thrones. The music sounds like the show’s theme, too!

The way the candidates’ heads were affixed to the CG animations is something to be seen:

Each percentage that flashes on the screen tracks how each candidate fares in each province. Moon Jae-in ultimately emerged as the victor, becoming the country’s new president and earning his place on the Iron Throne.

Results were also tracked in other parodies, including Pokémon Go.

You can watch hours of SBS’ election coverage right here. In years past, SBS has gone all out for its election coverage (here and here, for example).

That network wasn’t alone in coming up with creative ways to follow the election. MBC had its own interesting way to track results:

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See, when I read the phrase ‘South Korean Politics Turned into Game of Thrones’ I had an image of doors locking, music starting to play, and then someone leaning in close to Moon Jae-in and whispering “Park Geun-hye pays her respects” before gutting him like as trout. Had me scared there for a minute.