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Australian free daily The Mx included "Nice Korea" and "Naughty Korea" in its medal count—presumably as some sort of gag?

Online in South Korea, the reaction has been varied.

"This makes it seem like North Korea has done something bad to get medals," wrote one, while another explained, "This is how Australia sees the two countries." Oh. Okay?

"I'm flabbergasted, but there's nothing wrong with 'Nice Korea,'" wrote another. That's right—well, save for the inability to differentiate between "North" and "South" or a basic knowledge of Asia's geography and country names.

Nice Korea sounds...nice. Naughty Korea, on the other hand, sounds like it needs a good spanking or a timeout.

호주서 ‘좋은 한국'은 4위, ‘무례한 북한'은 5위 [Kukinews via ロケットニュース]