South Korea Gets a New Mega Man Game

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But don't get excited just yet. It's not what you think.

Titled Rockman GoGo!, this is an officially-licensed Mega Man (aka Rockman) title for Android. While Capcom signed off on the game, it was developed in South Korea by a studio called Jenoi.

As explained in Sports Chosun (via tipster Sang), the studio got involved with Capcom after it began porting Capcom's iOS games to Android. Capcom asked Jenoi to develop an Android-based Mega Man game for Korean players, and this is the result:

Looks okay for an Android game, but less so for a Mega Man game. Oh well.

Top photo: Sports Chosun

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Too busy playing as Megaman in Smash Bros and having an awesome time to care.

Fighting the bosses as him is surprisingly (but in a good way) like playing an actual Megaman game.