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"Boba Fett? BOBA Fett?? Where?"

Yesterday, Disney's CEO confirmed that in addition to the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, there will be all kinds of single-character spin-off films.


Today, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that one of those films will feature young Han Solo, and another will star Boba Fett. According to EW, the Han story will occur between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and the Fett film will take place either between New Hope and Empire or Empire and Return of the Jedi. (Since, you know, it'd be tough to do it after Return of the Jedi. Update: Or not! Because apparently he survived, thanks to his awesome armor. Update 2: Or maybe he actually died! I don't even know. Anyway...)


This sound good? Or like a disaster? I've always had a suspicion that the thing that made Boba Fett cool was the fact that he was this infamous badass in a mask with a jetpack, and that he was mysterious. The more I learn about him, the less cool he seems. That said, you know, Star Wars bounty hunter movie. Could be good.

'Star Wars' spin-offs: A young Han Solo movie, and a Boba Fett film — EXCLUSIVE [Entertainment Weekly]

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