Sounds Like Naruto's Creator Just Talked About Killing Off A Character

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The Naruto manga is finished. The Naruto anime is finished. He is sticking around in his son Boruto’s spin-off series, but it sounds like creator Masashi Kishimoto wouldn’t mind if a ubiquitous Naruto character was killed off.

Kishimoto isn’t doing the Boruto manga or the anime himself, but he certainly has things to say about both.

In a recent Jump interview (via 2ch), he talked about the spin-off’s furture, saying, “I think it’s okay if it [Boruto] isn’t really bound to Naruto. The time period is different and because various original elements are mixed in with the setting... I think I’d like it done with freedom. Because it’s Naruto, I think it’s also okay if this character that’s always been around died [in Boruto].”


There are couple things to keep in mind: Previously, there’s been speculation that Naruto will die. Kishimoto doesn’t come out an explicitly this. Moreover, the way the original interview is written, “Naruto” has brackets called nijuukagikakko, which are the Japanese version of the double quote. In short, they’re like italics and are referring to the entire series. Online in Japan, however, people are taking this to mean this quote refers to the actual character and not simply a Naruto character.

Continuing, Kishimoto added, “Having the character gain weight or trying to lose it would also things that could be played with for Boruto.” The point that Kishimoto was making is that by doing things like this and not feeling constrained by Naruto, Boruto can become even more interesting. He wasn’t putting a hit on Naruto.

“However,” Kishimoto added with a chuckle, “it would be somewhat of a problem if the character was shot with a stray bullet or died in an explosion.”

Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am.

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I personally think it somewhat of an insult to the original series if Naruto actually does die.

He’s supposed to be the child or prophecy who ushers in an era peace..and even if it could make the Boruto series better, we all literally aged alongside Naruto all these see him get killed off for the sake of making a spin-off better...just feels cheap or lazy.

I mean the audience is emotionally invested in Naruto, not Boruto.
Maybe Sasuke being killed in my opinion is fine because it would follow the whole sensei dying theme the original had (Sarutobi, Minato, and Jiraiya)...but Naruto as a character himself is just too iconic in that world.

Hell Naruto hasn’t even had a chance to train his own generation of Genin the same way every other Hokage had before becoming Hokage so Naruto himself doesn’t really have any students...outside of Konohamaru who wasn’t even a pupil so much as a younger brother figure to Naruto.