Soulja Boy Keen On Making Video Games

When not making music and making fun of Ice-T, hip-hopper Soulja Boy has a dream: He'd like to go to college. And that's a very admirable dream! Thing is, he's a superstar right now so he'd cause a big ruckus if he went college. People would bug him while he's trying to study and stuff. Guess he should wait for when he's, you know, not famous anymore. Interesting though to note that Soulja Boy says he wanted to be a flash animator and is interested in getting in the game industry. Hey, why not?! This comes after Soulja Boy gave these insights on Xbox title Braid: "for people who smoke or people drink like if you drink beer and you get drunk or you smoke weed and you get high and you just... anything, like you just get be gettin' fucked up." Which was somewhere along the same lines of our review. Personally, we think it's great that even after becoming a successful recording artist Soulja Boy is thinking about college and education. Good for him. Soulja Boy Wants To Make Video Games [AnalogHype via Go Nintendo]

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