Once upon a time, when you mentioned Soulcalibur, people thought of swords. Now, they think of jubblies. So no wonder UK men's magazine FRONT returned for another round of Photoshop-cheesecake-models-into-videogames. This time, Page Three girls Danni Wells and Amii Grove bust out the "i"s and the sporting equipment for an in-mag SoulCalibur IV. Look at that picture! It's like they're thus destroying and pillaging Soulcalibur IV. (But can cricket bats defeat lightsabers? Gah....) Hit the jump for a good old fashioned butt-off.


Why is that woman wearing no pants at the dock? That doesn't make sense. Like, if we went to the dock, we'd sure as shit wear pants. Shoes, too. Know this: FRONT claims to be "Britain's Funniest Magazine." That in itself is pretty funny.