Soul Sacrifice, the macabre save-or-sacrifice game from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, is getting an updated incarnation next year with Soul Sacrifice Delta. The game is getting new creatures, new magic, and interestingly enough, a "Grimm" new alignment in the good/evil spectrum.

No longer are you forced to choose between saving and sacrificing enemies and allies. Now there is a third, "neutral" choice, though it is not exactly clear what choosing this third option does to the target. Leaves them alone maybe? Where sacrificing increased your character's magic level and saving increased their life level, choosing the third option will affect both magic and life levels.

In the original Soul Sacrifice, players lived out the memories of a member of the organization Avalon. The mages of Avalon were tasked with hunting down and sacrificing/killing monsters. Throughout the story, there were hints of another organization that focused on saving monsters, called Sanctuary. In Soul Sacrifice Delta, along with the third alignment comes a third organization of mages called Grimm. Unlike Avalon and Sanctuary, members of Grimm believe that not choosing between saving and sacrificing is the greatest way to deny the gods that created the world.


Along with the new Grimm faction, several new monsters based on Grimm's Fairy Tales have been added.

Red Riding Hood (Yes, it's wielding Excalibur)


Snow White

Other new monsters include The Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel. There will also be new stages based on Grimm's Fairy Tales.


For those who have already played Soul Sacrifice and don't want to go through the bother of making a character from the ground up again, you will be able to carry over your save data to Soul Sacrifice Delta. The official word is that the conditions for accessing the different elements (offerings, costumes, etc.) carried over will vary, but details on these conditions remain unclear. Enemy AI will also be tweaked, so the tactics that players used in Soul Sacrifice may no longer work or be as effective in Soul Sacrifice Delta.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is scheduled for release in Japan in March, 2014. No word yet on a Western release.


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