Sorry, There Will Be No Valve Games at E3 2011

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Hoping for the continuing adventures of Gordon Freeman and the long-awaited revelation of Half-Life 2: Episode Three at this year's E3? Well, hope a little less today. Valve has said it's not bringing any games to this year's expo.


"Lots of folks have mailed asking about appointment times with Valve," reads an e-mail from the company. "Well, we are not showing any titles at this year's show. So no appointment is needed."

Well, that's kind of a bummer! We were hoping to see at least something from Dota 2, Valve's take on Defense of the Ancients, a game we haven't heard much from lately. But perhaps Valve still has its focus set squarely on the recently released Portal 2 and the game's forthcoming downloadable content pack.

Maybe there's an outside chance that Valve will surprise us again with a keynote walk-on like last year or drop a Left 4 Dead 2-style bomb, but... nah, better stop fantasizing...

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Tom Robinson

I haven't played HL2 or the episodes yet (I know I know, I may over the summer). Can anyone tell me why Episode 3 is so wanted without spoiling anything? Is it that episode two ended with a cliffhanger or generally there is a greater story/conflict which could only be resolved in another episode? Or is it just a really good game?