Sorry, Star Fox for 3DS, That I Didn't Know How Cool Your 'Stage Guide' Feature Was

Doing barrel rolls is super great and all, but Star Fox 64 3DS didn't really capture my attention until today—when I showed up late to the party knowing about its "Online Stage Guide" features.


I'm not above perusing a FAQ now and then, so a little assistance for the Star Fox 64 noob—it's true, I've only played the original Star Fox for SNES—might come in handy. But it's the concept of in-game access to guides and online hints that may push me into purchasing the already-released Star Fox for 3DS.

I'd much rather see this in, say, Fire Emblem for 3DS and eventually the next Advance Wars, but we'll take this in baby steps.


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Darth Stewie

The addition of this feature and saves just really rubs me the wrong way. Yeah I know I don't have to use either of them but what happened to having a nice long game where you had to put in decent time to make it from start to finish in one shot?

Now I know this is for the 3DS and the battery life is poor so from that perspective, I'm willing to give it a pass. But in games like NSMBW, I don't want it. Lord knows my dumb ass will break down and use it when I really don't *want* to... *shrug*