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Sorry, Sony, Microsoft or Basically Anyone Else: Conan O’Brien Won E3.

Illustration for article titled Sorry, Sony, Microsoft or Basically Anyone Else: Conan O’Brien Won E3.

Maybe you went to E3. Maybe you reveled in all the console reveals, hands-on time with next-gen games and fancy open-bar parties. Maybe you thought you had a great time. Sorry, but Conan O’Brien clearly had a better time at E3 than any of its thousands of attendees.


Whether it’s rendering verdicts on which console is better, falling in love with various heroines or a creepy-funny chat with voice-of-Mario Charles Martinet, there’s just too much funny here. (Turns out Stephen Totilo caught some of the shoot in progress, too.) And, as a bonus, O'Brien got to ask Shigeru Miyamoto a burning question about his most famous creation. Great stuff all around. Hey, ESA, make sure Conan comes back next year, okay?


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Am I the only one who find Conan cringingly unfunny at the best of times?

Most of the stuff I've seen of his show are rip offs of stuff that I've seen on the net.

P.S. I don't really know who he is I'm in the UK the stuff that filters through to me seems to make him look like a bit of a grinning know it all that is reading a lot of jokes obviously writen by other people.