Sony's Wireless Dash Can Play Games, Maybe Interact with PS3

Unveiled at Sony's CES keynote earlier this week, the Dash is a "personal Internet viewer" that includes some pretty nifty technology.

The little wireless device can run a bunch of different apps on its touch screen, letting you check weather, traffic, email, browse the net, all sorts of things. It also lets you play games using the devices built-in accelerometer.

The device is being built by Chumby for Sony so it will have access to the thousands of apps already available for the beanbag original version of the device, some of which will work.

When I asked the spokesman why someone would want to buy the Sony version versus the Chumby version, he said because their device would also tap into Sony's vast experience with entertainment. When I asked what that really meant, he couldn't say.


He did say that in theory the device could be used to interact with the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable.

Sadly, this is exactly the sort of thing I will end up buying.

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On one side it looks interesting like all shiny gadgets at least make me interested in hearing more about them, but on the other side: Man did the guy have to press that button many times until there was any kind of response from the device. And while that kind of stuff could be ironed out before release i´m not sure this one will: What´s up with screen vs device border/frame space ratio? I mean that thing has a huge frame around the screen, how come? Especially since all that black free space doesn´t even seem to be used for any kind of button or anything. I think by now we should be at a state where companies realize that for portable devices any space around the screen that is not used for something is essentially wasted space and annoying. Its a fun gimmick (for the first few tries) that the Sony logo can appear and disappear there, but i´d rather have less of a frame or more screen real estate instead.

Also yeah, as Brian said, what kind of great apps does Sony have that one would want to have on this?