Sony's New Handheld Is Not Called The PSP2 (Yet)

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For the past few months - and over the past few hours, for convenience's sake - we've labelled Sony's new handheld gaming device the PSP2. That has to stop, because it's not the thing's name.


As you may already be aware, what we all thought of as the PSP2 has actually been given the working title of "Next Generation Portable". Note that's not the handheld's final name, just something Sony is working with at the moment. It's liable to change. And may ultimately become PSP2! But it's not for now, so we're not going to call it that anymore.

And you shouldn't either. What you can do, however, is tell us what you think the thing's final name should be.


The Diversionist

ummm... then why is this filed under the #psp2 hashtag?