Sony's Motion Controller Patent Goes Attachment Crazy

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A newly published patent from Sony Computer Entertainment, which looks a lot like the company's PlayStation 3 motion controller, showcases a plethora of possibilities for the forthcoming device, more attachments than you could shake a Wii Remote at.


The patent for an "Expandable Control Device Via Hardware Attachment" touches on a number of control options. According to details from the patent, Sony's motion controller may offer the option to join two motion control units together lengthwise—previously seen in an earlier patent—or in an H-shape.

And as pictured above, a unique, secondary controller attachment may offer a solution to the one DualShock in one hand, one motion controller in the other hand scheme seen at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference.

Other potentially interesting add-on possibilities are attachments shaped like a baseball bat, a the business end of a flashlight and a rattle-like sphere that's very maraca like.


Perhaps more interesting is a proposed biometric reader attachment, including a "thumb reader used to validate the identity of the person holding the controller by analyzing the biometric data provided by the attachment."

Additional possibilities included microphone attachments and swappable control faceplates—letting the player customize whether a motion controller has buttons or a d-pad or even a dial.


Of course, this is a patent, not a product announcement. Sony could simply release the motion controller as previously seen, with none of these possibilities becoming actual products. But take a look at some of the drawings in the gallery below and check out the patent to see what Sony may have in mind.

Expandable Control Device Via Hardware Attachment []


A big problem of the video game industry is that once something is seen as successful it gets repeated in more and more exagerated manner over and over in a very short timespan until the biggest believer in the concept gets tired of it.

See music games bundled with instruments and iterated so much over and over that it´ll probably not take that much longer until the publishers will have a tough time selling another iteration every few months.

Nintendo noticed that its not a good trend to iterate just focused on better and better graphics with diminishing returns and went on focusing on the controller. It was a great first move to do something a bit different but already they are doing the same mistake in different way again.

Now they´re iterating over and over on more and more useless peripheral extensions.

I think one of the main reasons for Nintendo loosing ground these days compared to last year is that a bigger getting group among its customers gets a peripheral fatigue. Very few good and unique game releases while at the same time introducing more and releasing more and more plastic crap that is used a month at most in most cases is no good idea.

Nintendo should integrate the motion plus sensor into the actual wii remote and not release another peripheral unless they have more than 2 good games making propper use of it and Sony should think twice about this patent picture and seriously reconsider going attachment crazy.