Sony's Christmas PSP Ads Are "Urban" In Nature

Click to view Here's Sony's holiday season ads for the PlayStation Portable. I thought the PS3 offerings last week were a little hit-and-miss. These PSP ones? Despite trying far too hard (something has gone wrong at marketing when the introductory post has to use the word "urban" so many times), these ads actually succeed where the PS3 ones failed: they show what the PSP can do. Like, it plays games. When you're outside/on a train.


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Did anyone else find it funny that whomever was playing the PSP practically ignored everyone he came in contact with?

Also, that video would have been a lot better if in between the segments/commercials they were playing multiplayer and it switched to one of the other players which was one of the other people in the other cities. Promote the PSN and community ya know?

And yes I realize they are meant to be three seperate commercials.