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Sony's Best Commercial in Years

For around a decade, Sony and its various advertising agencies managed to create not only some of the most memorable commercials in gaming, but straight-up of the most memorable advertisements.


While things haven’t been too bad lately - Kevin Butler has his fans, and as corny as it is, “Michael” was a neat idea - there’s been nothing to really grab me by my shirt collar and make me watch it over and over and over again.


Until now.

These are Sony Japan’s new ads for the upcoming Crystal White version of the PlayStation Vita. They star crooner, actor and voice-over man Shigeru Matsuzaki absolutely belting one out.

If you’ve played Katamari Damacy, you may already know who the guy is.

Does it have anything to do with video games? Nope. Can you watch it a few times then walk around for the rest of the day singing “AH WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH”? I sure as hell have.


The full clip is up top, but to the left is a shorter, peppier version.

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I just bought the MGS HD Collection today and I regret to inform those who care that there is no English support to my knowledge in the Japanese version of the game. It's my first time playing it through and I'm sure the experience will be severely gimped because my Japanese skill simply cannot handle that load of vocabulary. I won't understand anything but hopefully I'll get a little better at distinguishing words, sentences and particles. Also, I hope my lack of fluency doesn't create a game-breaking barrier in the game. I'm pretty disappointed because I assumed that the belated release date surely meant they would have kept all the English work in tact. I'll challenge it none the less, like I did with Gravity Daze, but I really wish the Japanese PSN could at least offer foreign voice work as DLC - paid or not - to really support the region free nature of the machine and the global nature of video games.