Sony Want Profits, Not Market Share

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This console generation, the PlayStation 3 is in dead last place. The Xbox 360 has sold more, the Nintendo Wii has sold a lot more. Does this worry Sony? Surprisingly, no, it does not.


See, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America's Senior VP of Marketing, Peter Dille, Sony aren't focusing on market share. They're focusing on profitability!

I think it's already well publicized that we have a very clear objective from our parent, Sony Corp., that we're to focus on a profit objective, and with those marching orders it limits the playbook when it comes to pricing and promotion. Our competition had a very aggressive pricing strategy, but they also were packing two, three, four games in with the unit weekend to weekend with different retailers, and that cost a lot of money. So we had a profit goal and they had a market share goal.

"Gotta spend money to make money" jokes aside, note the wording of those first couple of sentences. Sounds like even SCEA want a price cut on the machine, and it's only the top, top brass in Japan that are holding out.

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It's BS. No platform maker has ever made money off selling the platform.

They make money when publishers sell lots of games (because they take a share).

Therefore, huge install base + good games = profits

Song seems to think,

smallest install base + least amount of good games = profits

The only hope for them to get profitability is a price cut and some killers games, which they might just have with Killzone 2, GoW3, Uncharted 2, and hopefully news on Twisted Metal.