Sony Trains Future Engineers With PlayStation-edu

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Sony is always on the prowl for engineers and programmers with a familiarity with their hardware, but they haven't exactly made it easy to get your hands on a development kit in the past. That all changes now as SCEA introduces the PlayStation-edu program, which focuses on familiarizing you engineers and programmers with the PlayStation hardware.


Qualifying institutions (college level and above) will be given a chance to purchase PSP and PlayStation 2 development kits complete with the hardware, dev software, and SDK, along with demo codes and samples so teachers can illustrate how the hardware works to students. The goal here is to generate a fresh crop of college graduates armed with the knowledge they need to create on SCEA hardware.

Interested parties can hit the link below for contact information, and if you are currently in a game programming or computer architecture class, start bugging the hell out of your professor so you too can get your hands on a PlayStation 2 with the word TOOL on the side in big letters.

PlayStation-edu [The Official PlayStation Blog]


@Accordion: How many commercial games came out of Sony´s movement back then? And yup,the net yarouze was still quite expensive compared to a 99 bucks a year membership for testing your games on the 360.

Don´t get me wrong, back then i liked Sony´s movement a lot and hoped they would propperly support it and it would flourish,it just didn´t that well.

Also the development with Flash type homebrew games is not a backwards one at all, you´re quite off there.

With flash and other similar technologies indies can create games with relatively affordable software and less low level coding knowledge required and yes, then either release them for free for having em playable by anyone with a web connection instantly or well,sell em to a portal or as download game or mobile game or whatever other way they choose.

So yeah, for some years now indies can easily create games and publish em, make money with em if they like etc. in more and more approachable ways.

Since more and more people realize and do that of course the console manufacturers can´t fall behind, essentially every flash developer could instead be developing for their platform and then earn money there and make the console company earn money instead of grabbing away potential customers with their free to play casual games.

So yeah,that´s why these more opening up movements again now.