Sony Totally Happy With PSP

Let's face it, the Nintendo DS is the most successful handheld. Like ever. It's hard for Sony to go against such a juggernaut. The PSP is making big gains in Japan. People forget that! Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe exec David Reeves tells game site MCVUK:

We're very, very happy and comfortable with our PSP business... And I don't think we're necessarily in the shadow of DS – they have different types of games and we have a different positioning for PSP which is not just about gaming, but Go Explore and everything else that comes with it... So we're very very happy with its progress and the more and more we go to publishers with it the more they are coming on board.


Keyword: Happy. Just look at David Reeves. That man is THRILLED. Action ‘Stations [MCVUK via CVG]

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