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Sony Thought About Making the PS4 a Download-Only Console

Illustration for article titled Sony Thought About Making the PS4 a Download-Only Console

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony "considered but ultimately rejected" plans to make its next home console - code-named Orbis - a download-only device.


The fact it even thought about such a move shows not only how far digital delivery has come in the six years since the PS3 first launched, but also shows just how little Sony really gives a damn about people who rely entirely on the sale of boxed, used video games.


Compared to a console that doesn't even have a disc drive, word that the Orbis will feature some kind of used games protection service (likely in a form that requires a paid unlock) seems downright charitable of Sony.

Sony Rejects Web-Based PlayStation Console [Wall Street Journal]

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Probably seemed like a good idea to them before PSP Go bombed.

Digital distribution makes mad sense on a handheld.. and they couldn't even get it to work on there. It'll happen eventually though for all consoles, it's inevitable it seems...