Sony Takes Uncharted 3 Contest Winners to Jordan in Search of Treasure

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Nathan Drake lives a pretty sweet existence when you think about it. Glamorous globe-trotting. Incredible agility. Living off of, ahem, borrowed treasure. Guilt-free mass murder. Who doesn't want to be that guy?

Sony's European PlayStation division let a few lucky contest winners step into the Uncharted hero's boots with a trip that took them to the Middle Eastern country of Jordan. Once there, they took part in a GPS treasure hunt that had them following in the footsteps of iconic historical figure Lawrence of Arabia, who apparently figures prominently in Uncharted 3. Activities included axe-throwing, airgun-shooting, sand-digging and fanny-pack-wearing, with fancy prizes to be had, including a PlayStation Vita handheld with a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

While the prizes are great, the real treasure is what the attendees learned about themselves, right? Right.

Treasure Hunting In Jordan To Celebrate Uncharted 3 [PlayStation EU Blog]

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Takes a REAL man to wear a fanny pack.