Sony Promoting Safe Online Play With Handy Website

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Game companies, whether they be console manufacturers or publishers, are always the victims of bad press when it comes to keeping kids safe from questionable content online. So it's nice seeing one - Sony - doing something proactive about it.


While every console has measures in place to restrict content for minors, Sony are going one further with an active marketing campaign aimed at educating parents - and kids - on how to keep blood and boobs out of the sight of the little ones.

It's called playsafeonline, and details all the steps necessary to not only shield kids from content, but also to report objectionable stuff (say, offensive conduct in a multiplayer game) to the relevant people.


While parents will find the site helpful, it's smartly designed with kids in mind, jargon kept to a minimum while a creepy mascot points out how it all works.

I really wish Microsoft did this. Only for adults. "", or something.


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All Xbox needs to do is just have this on their dashboard.

"The Internet is full of strange things, and the best way to protect your children and yourself from this on Xbox Live is to just not wear or buy a head set."