Sony Promises "Improved" LittleBigPlanet Moderation

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Prior to release, LittleBigPlanet showed a ton of promise. Heavy-handed moderation in the weeks since release, however, has rubbed a little of the lustre off the game's appeal.


Don't think that Sony aren't aware of this. They are so aware. And have today promised that they'll be trying harder in the future to make things better.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, the game's community manager has written:

The level moderation process is something we’re continually improving. The small percentage of levels moderated have been done so after the community has reported them using the Good Grief tool. We never moderate levels that have not been reported in this way. The vast majority of moderated levels were due to offensive material, however we are evolving the way moderation happens to ensure that creators are made aware of why their level was blocked. More to come shortly.


Dear user,

No giant flying penis levels, OK?



“SACK IT TO ME”…Weekly Answers to the LBP Community’s Questions [PlayStation.Blog]

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That picture looks better than this game. Doubt it was taken at 720p, and the lighting looks a bit better too O_o Perhaps it's the focus, but it certainly looks a lot cleaner than the real game to me.

Also, yeah yeah moderation whatever. Alternate control schemes with varying levels of pressure control on jumping please :(

Then people can still play with the wonky, floaty, seemingly unresponsive jump controls, while other people won't mash their controllers into oblivion trying to make enormous jumps.