Sony Planning More PS2 Upgrades?

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PlayStation 2 title God of War and God of War II were released on a single Blu-ray disc for the PS3 and feature smoother graphics and a faster frame rate. Is Sony planning to do the same for more titles?

One Kotaku reader sends word of a Sony survey he was sent about action game God of War. The survey, however, did contain the above question, which he's filled in with gusto.


Which PS2 games would you be particularly interested in?

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Team ICO games

Ratchet and Clank

Final Fantasy (X, X-2, XII)

Xenosaga (episodes 1-3)

Kingdom Hearts

Persona 3/4.

Team Ico is an obvious one, build up hype for Last Gardian.

With Ratchet and clank getting its swan song in Crack in time, HD versions of the originals would be a welcome thing, for completions sake.

Final fantasy, well, they may not be the most loved in the series, but seeing them with proper HD video and sound woudl be nice.

Xenosaga: Given how rare part 3 is, having them all in one set would be a godsent. Also, this is one series that could really benefit from the HD, given how movie like it was.

Kingdom hearts: again, obvious choice.

Persona: while it doesn't need an HD treatment, it would be nice to allow more ps3 players a chance to play these games.