Sony: Passing On Demon's Souls "A Mistake"

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Sony Computer Entertainment published From Software's brilliant Demon's Souls in its native Japan, but when it came time to take it westward, it was up to publisher Atlus to step forward and localize the PS3 game. "That was a mistake."


So says Sony Computer Entertainment VP of international software Yeonkyung Kim, according to 1UP's account of his GDC appearance. "It should have come out as a first-party title," Kim said. Sony expected initial shipments of 15,000, but the game has since gone on to see impressive sales in the U.S.

Sony Computer Entertainment America may take comfort in the fact that it wasn't the only publisher to take a pass on Demon's Souls, but chances are looking good that, if Demon's Souls II comes to be, it will have publishers lining up to grab distribution duties.

Frankly, though, here's one vote for Atlus bringing us the sequel and strongly supporting that one too.

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Some things I hate about my ps3..

1. Why is it that when I download a game demo, after its finished, I have to click on it to install it???

On my 360, it just downloads, and as soon as its done, its ready to play?

2. Active Downloads.. on my 360, I can have like 10 things downloading at once, but on my ps3, i click download in the background, but It doesnt make a list of everything that I want downloaded, plus no status?

The user experience is just plain dull on my ps3 compared to the live dashboard... i hope sony takes notes.