Sony Motion Control Patent Shows Coffee Mug Gaming

We know about the EyeToy. We've seen that motion controller Sony showed at E3. But there is another motion controller Sony has been working on.

This new patent filing reveals a Sony motion controller that uses a mapping system to incorporate everyday objects such as "coffee mugs, drinking glasses, books, bottles, etc." as a motion controller. In the drawing, those everyday objects are illustrated by that horse-shoe-looking U in the man's hand.


Basically, this tech appears to allow players to use a variety of real world items in game play.

To map the object, players show it to the camera and rotate it so that the object is captured and saved as a file. The system can then identify this object and respond to its movements.

The manner in which the object is held can affect game play. For example, in the illustration below, the object is held "up" which reveals the lightsaber-like sword. Holding the object down turns the sword "off".


Sony Patents A Motion Control System That Uses Ordinary Objects As Controllers [Siliconera]

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