Sony Might Be Making A Gran Turismo...Movie

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A report on The Wrap claims that Sony is looking to get the producers of Fifty Shades of Grey to put a Gran Turismo movie together.


The story claims it's part of a move to cash in on the recent success of "fast car" movies like Fast & The Furious, but God, I hope not. As a series, Gran Turismo is about as opposed to that kind of car culture as it gets. It's about glossy car brochures and aspirations of driving an expensive luxury sports vehicle, not an obsession with gross paint schemes, action and drifting.

But hey, maybe it's all one big misunderstanding. Maybe what's actually happening is Sony will be making a game based on Gran Torino, with GT's creator Kazunori Yamauchi sitting on his porch yelling at the local kids for 20 hours.

Sony Fires Up 'Gran Turismo' Movie With 'Fifty Shades' Producers (Exclusive) [The Wrap]


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