Sony Making PS3 Development Better And Cheaper

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The PS3 has been out for a couple years now. Developers are getting a better handle on how to make PS3 games. Sony has announced that developing for the system is getting easier.


Sony Computer Entertainment introduced new developer tools this March in North America and Europe/PAL territories at US $2,000 and €1,700 respectively, and for Japan at JPY 200,000.

"Having the same form factor as the commercially available PS3, the new Reference Tool models allow advanced game programming and more efficient computer graphics rendering," Sony stated. "With its more affordable pricing, this new model will appeal to a broader range of developers and publishers, and will help to provide a more streamlined game development environment, further accelerating the game development for PS3."

Sony is also beefing its software line-up tools for developers that improve quality and productivity with a developer kit compiler called "SNC PPU toolchain for PLAYSTATION 3 (SNC)." SNC has been utilized in big-name games like Fallout 3, Killzone 2 and Ryu Ga Gotoku 3.

This month, PS3 developers will also get the latest version of the physics engine PhyreEngine, which makes things like better foliage rendering possible. What does that mean? Better looking plants, that's what.



I don't want to sound like a dick, but Sony really should've thought about making development easier back in the system's early days.