Sony Laptops Now Feature 100% More PlayStation Network

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You know how Sony have been talking about rolling PlayStation services onto other devices? It's happening, as the latest line of Sony VAIO laptops will be rocking the PlayStation Network.

The upcoming VAIO W will series will use the PSN for, at the very least, the digital delivery of media content, like movies and TV shows. More interestingly, Sony's Mike Abary also hints that "games are a possibility" with the laptops, suggesting that if Sony can get their shit together, PSN games could be along for the ride (though he's leaning more towards "casual" games for the PC market at the moment).


Would it be awesome to buy Pixeljunk Eden on your PS3, play it on your PSP and also be able to access it on your laptop? Yes. Yes it would.

Sony Promises Touchscreen VAIOs for Fall, PlayStation Network Support Coming [Laptop, via Gizmodo]

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