Sony Isn't Arrogant, Apple Is

There once was a time, when PS3s looked like grills and still played PS2 games, that Sony was accused of being arrogant. Now, though, another company has assumed the mantle.

That's not me saying that. It's Sony! "I don't think we (Sony) are arrogant anymore", Sony Computer Entertainment Australia boss Michael Ephraim told Screen Play earlier this week.


"I think we can name a company that is a fruit that is in the news a lot about their arrogance," he jibes. "I think they have taken the mantle from us, if we were ever arrogant!"

Well, yeah, you were. "$599!" was testament to that. But it's not like that was a bad thing! It's nice when multinational corporations have a little swagger. Gives them some personality in an otherwise dry and dull business environment.

Apple more arrogant, says Sony [Screen Play]

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