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It's been a rough couple of months for Sony and the PlayStation 3, particularly in the mainstream press. Now that the two year old console has been sufficiently thrashed, we think the PSP is due.


And so does Yahoo! Games, who paints a very bleak picture of the PSP's current performance and its future. Clearly, we're all beyond admiring the PSP's success relative to previous Nintendo handheld competitors and ready to start giving the PSP the what for over its middling 2008.

Yes, Yahoo! makes some good points — the 2008 software line-up was largely forgettable, as third parties have moved on from shipping PlayStation 2 to PSP ports to... well, not doing much at all on the platform. On the quality side, the DS has had more games rated 80% or higher, as Yahoo! points out. And that's translated to a bigger gap between the Nintendo DS and PSP, 1.5 million versus 420,000 units sold in the US in November.


But Sony's still holding its own in Japan, even if it's regularly bested by the DS — thanks to the recently launched DSi. But is it really over for the PSP? And, if not, will it really be over for the PSP when Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars makes its appearance on the DS next year?

I'd actually think that Sony is doing a respectable job of continuing to hold its own against Nintendo, despite seeing far fewer high quality releases on the PSP and that its transition from UMD only games to digitally delivered software is a step in the right direction for the next-generation of PSP.

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