Sony Is Bringing Wipeout Back With A Multi-Game Collection

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After several years away, the classic PlayStation racing franchise Wipeout is returning with the Wipeout Omega Collection coming in summer of 2017. It’ll include 2012's Wipeout 2048, 2008's Wipeout HD and that game’s expansion 2009 expansion Wipeout Fury. The collection is for PS4.


Over on the PlayStation blog, Sony is saying that the games “are running at a targeted 60 frames per second.” 

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Gene Jacket

Sorry, but this is NOT three games. This is Wipeout 2048 and Wipeout HD, plus HD’s Fury dlc. If I’m feeling less than generous generous, depending on how it’s re-packaged this might just be ONE game, since HD/Fury were released as DLC for 2048. (P.S. Also of note, Wipeout HD is itself just a remastered remix of Pure and Pulse)

This is also a piss-poor, slap in the face of a “collection” that leaves out the other SIX titles that preceded HD/Fury. The original Wipeout, Wipeout XL, Wip3out, Wipeout Fusion, Wipeout Pure, and Wipeout Pulse are all totally MIA. To add injury to insult Wipeout XL, Wip3out, and Wipeout Fusion have still NEVER been released on PSN. Pure is only available for PSP, while Pulse is PSP/Vita only despite the fact that an enhanced version was released on PS2 in PAL territories.

If you’re going to do a Collection, do a proper fucking collection and spare me this contemptuous horseshit. I don’t say this lightly, but....Go Fuck Yourself, Sony.

Oh, I almost forgot, “a targeted 60 frames per second”??? What the for real fuck is that nonsense? Wipeout HD ran at 1080p/60fps on the fucking PS3 in 2008. If you have to specify that you’re TARGETING the exact same specs for a port on a significantly more powerful system eight years later, you’ve already shit the bed.