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Sony, If You Can't Beat Hackers, Give Them A Job Instead

Illustration for article titled Sony, If You Cant Beat Hackers, Give Them A Job Instead

Koushik Dutta, a noted hacker (and mobile developer), has posted what he claims is an email exchange between himself and an employee of Sony Computer Entertainment America. In which Sony offers the man a job.


The alleged email, from Sarah McRae in SCEA's Talent Acquisition Department, offers Dutta a position as a Software Engineer with the division's Research & Development Department.

Which, you should know, is actually not that uncommon. From consoles to bank vaults, when you want to have something protected, often the best people to approach are the ones who are in the business of attacking said protection. In this case, a hacker.


Dutta's response is worth a look, though.

Hi Sarah, I appreciate that you reached out to me. The opportunity does sound very interesting! However, due to Sony's recent treatment of a fellow hacker, George Hotz, I could not in good conscience work at Sony.

Remember: it's totally OK for Sony to sue people hacking the PS3, but if you hack other company's devices, you get offered a job!


A copy of the email exchange in question is below. We've contacted Sony for confirmation, and will update if we hear back.

[koush @ Twitter, thanks Brad!]

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If George Hotz have done what other white hats have done and contact Sony about the weakness of the PS3 security. Then waited until Sony released a fix before he made his presentation. He would have been the one receiving the Job offer right now or at the very least he would have been able to add the PS3 hack to his CV.

I still think that Hotz have handled the whole incident wrongly. And Sony had the obligation to sue him. Had Sony not sued him, they would have been answerable to their shareholders, plus they will give the message that it is "ok to hack our stuff and release the information to the world+dog".