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Sony Hoping Gran Turismo 5 Will Be Out Next Christmas

Illustration for article titled Sony Hoping Gran Turismo 5 Will Be Out Next Christmas

Gran Turismo purists should know better than to get your hopes up about GT5's release date, but then, you're a Gran Turismo purist. You can't control yourself.


In an interview with Spanish financial site El Financiero, SCEE's James Armstrong has said that the company expects Gran Turismo 5 to be out next Christmas.

Now, what Sony expect and the traditionally fastidious Polyphony Digital deliver might be two completely different things. But hey, they might not be.


By then it will have been nearly five years since the release of Gran Turismo 4. They can't develop it forever.

España reduce las previsiones de crecimiento de Sony un 6% [El Financiero, via Evil Avatar]

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Cant wait for this. Avid player of the GT Series since the beginning.

And people who blow this off as like.. "Oh.. they suck cause they arnt pumping sequels out like Madden.. Wtf is taking them so long?" Your a retard. This game takes massive time.

Forza DOES NOT have enough cars. I have forza and enjoy it but its really just a different game. Thats exactly why GT is such a great series.. They focus on a awesome, quality, deep, bang-for-the-buck game. Where, IMO, Forza feels like an Arcade based series with decent content. The way the game presents itself is too youthful/immature for me. Hard to explain it and im not bashing it. But all my friends agree and we are serious car people.

GT is so fun BECAUSE you find so many cars you have never heard of and your like "Wtf is this thing?" then use it, you read the history on of it, find out what makes it so special.

I don't play GT games for a diehard simulator. Your an idiot if you consider it trying to be that. Thats what the PC games are for. But GT5P with my G25 is just awesome.

As a few of other people in here have already mentioned, just cause you dont like this game, doesnt mean its not going to sell.. GT5 will be awesome for PS3. Lots of people will go buy it around the world.

And as I've said for previous GT games, which is similar to GTA games development speed, the first game on a new system always takes the longest. They have to rebuild it from the ground up. Once GTA3 came out they were pumping new ones out every year. Not to mention I'm sure this is taking so long cause of the multiplayer that all of you want that I could care less about. Because people whine, nag, and complain about no multiplayer in GT4.. now you suffer the consequences and they are doing their best to get it in and make it polished.

/end rant