Sony Holding Patapon 2 Demos For Ransom

Demos are advertising. Interactive, sometimes enjoyable advertising, true, but advertising nonetheless. Maybe not a great idea, then, when Sony restricted access to the Killzone 2 demo. Restricting access for a Patapon 2 demo is even worse.

But that's exactly what's happening! Sony Computer Entertainment America are releasing a demo for the game "exclusively" to those who preorder the game from GameStop or Amazon. As in, the people so keen for the game they'll put money down to reserve a copy. As in, the last people on earth who need a demo. Curious about the game but unsure whether you want to actually reserve one or not? Tough!


As with the Killzone 2 demo, though, there's a way around this digital/iron curtain. Just create, or login to your European PSN account, as a Patapon 2 demo has been available there since last week, no strings attached.

Pata-post Friday Presents: Patapon 2 Demo [PlayStation]

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