Sony Files Patent For Universal Game Controller

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There are universal TV remotes, so why not universal video game console controllers? Sony's recent patent filing indicates that could change.

The Sony patent, which was filed in August 2008 but appeared online on February 18 of this year, reads: "Just like remote controls, game consoles, and thus game controllers, are becoming widespread. It is not surprising to find more than one game consoles in a household, especially when competing game console manufacturers attempt to attract unconventional consumer groups in the gaming industry. As understood herein, it would be useful to have a universal controller that would be able to work with a variety of game consoles."

This controller would feature a touch sensitive liquid crystal display that would display various button layouts depending on the consoles. For example, a Nintendo console would pull up a Nintendo controller layout, a Microsoft console would pull up a Microsoft controller layout and a PlayStation console would pull up a PS controller layout.


The patent also notes that this controller will have a speaker and rumble. Though, this is interesting. From the patent: "This document describes an adaptable or universal game controller which can be used to emulate the controllers of popular game consoles, such as, without limitation, the PlayStation.TM. made by Sony, a controller made by Nintendo, X-box.TM. game controllers made by Microsoft, Amiga CD-32.TM. controllers, Atari Jaguar.TM. controllers, Gravis Gamepad.TM. controllers, Sega controllers, and Turbographics controllers, one or more of which terms may be subject to trademark protection. For ease of exposition trademark symbols will not be further used herein."

Those consoles are all old. Is the PS3 getting a proper virtual console and an actual universal controller to go with it?

Illustration for article titled Sony Files Patent For Universal Game Controller

United States Patent Application: 0100041480 [USPTO via GoRumors via Gizmodo]

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Luke Plunkett

The Nintendo and Microsoft stuff are obviously just placeholders, but the other consoles listed? Definitely has the smell of Virtual Console about it.

Tempest 2000, anyone?