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Sony Expects 10-15 Percent Rise In PS3/PSP Sale Worldwide

Illustration for article titled Sony Expects 10-15 Percent Rise In PS3/PSP Sale Worldwide

Sony has yet to announced its final results for PS3 and PSP sales during 2008. But that doesn't mean the company won't take educated guesses.


According to Sony's John Koller, "We've been very bullish on PSP," said Koller. "We had our largest sales year ever last year, and we'd look to go about 10-15 percent north of that this year... For PS3 I'll stay general as well, but we also had our best sales year for PS3 last year and we'll look to go north of that by a similar percentage."

Business has been propelled by Sony's strong first person line-up as well as the third party one, Koller added. Sony expects global sales for both the PS3 and the PSP to rise 10-15 percent.


Sony: PS3 and PSP sales to rise "10-15%" globally in coming year [VG247] [Pic]

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Bought a PS3 last week and I've gotta say that my 360 hasn't been touched since, been to busy playing KillZone2 and MGS4.