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Sony Exec Says Xbox 360 "Lacks Longevity"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's 2006 all over again! Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai smacktalks the Xbox 360, but not the Nintendo Wii.

Let's cut to the chase, here's Kaz talking to the Official PlayStation Magazine:

It's difficult to talk about Nintendo because we don't look at their console as being competitors. They're a different world and we operate in our world — that's kind of the way I look at things...

And with the Xbox — again, I can't come up with one word to fit. You need a word that describes something that lacks longevity... Last time I checked, they've never had a console that's been on the market for more than four or five years and we've committed to a ten year life cycle, so you do the math...

And unless things go really bad, there's no way that at the end of a life cycle our competition is going to have a higher install base.


Can't come up with words that lack longevity, huh. How about temporal? Ephemeral? Short-lived? Brief? Fleeting? Transient? Fleeting? Evanescent?

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