Sony Doesn't Seem Concerned By Xbox 360 Price Cuts

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You might think that a significant price cut on the Xbox 360 front — giving Microsoft a sub $200 option in the U.S. — would have Sony Computer Entertainment employees in a panic, seeking the highest ledge from which to jump. Faced with an Xbox 360 that's cheaper than the Wii would normally drive one to the sweet embrace of Death. Not Sony, though! They're surprisingly powering through. "We're quite confident our holiday sales will be good," Sony spokestypes tell Gamasutra. Touting Blu-ray playback and "the broadest and deepest software lineup in the industry," the corporate communications team at SCEA questions the long-term sustainability of the cuts. What we're curious about is if anyone out there in Kotakuland has been holding out this long on the "next gen" purchase, opting to "jump in" and giving up on that PlayStation 3 purchase because of the price adjustment. Analysis: Pachter Suggests, Sony Rebuts On Xbox 360 Price Cuts [Gamasutra]


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they shouldn't be worried about the price cut. they should be worried about the game library.