Sony Doesn't Own Website for Killzone 2, but Does for KZ3

The website, it turns out, isn't owned by Sony, but the websites Killzone and Killzone3 are, MTV Multiplayer reports in this look at domain name shenanigans.

Multiplayer reports that Killzone2 is actually owned by Vegard Aure of, which also owns DevilMayCry 2 and DevilMayCry3 websites.


And apparently neither Sony nor Capcom have contacted Aure to ask about the sites... well, not yet. A call to Sony reps netted a "we're going to look into it" comment.

It raises an interesting question about official sites for video games. How often do you search out a game, by name, on the web in hopes of netting new details? Would you be annoyed if the site wasn't owned by the publisher or developer?

Sony Owns Websites For ‘Killzone’ And ‘Killzone 3′ …But Not For ‘Killzone 2′ (Or 4 Or 5!) [MTV Multiplayer]

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