Sony Computer Entertainment To Become SNEP (Temporarily)

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Starting on April 1 of this year, Sony's reorganization will take effect. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai will head a new business group that brings together Sony's mobile electronics and personal computers.

Instead, the wholly-owned Sony subsidiary will be centered around networked devices and will be known as SNE Platform or SNEP, the Sony Group stated in an official release. SNEP? Yes, SNEP.


Does that mean Sony Computer Entertainment America will be SNEPA and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will be SNEPE? No, both will remain SCEA and SCEE, a Sony spokesperson told Kotaku.

Then on April 1, SNEP's console business will be spun back off into Sony Computer Entertainment.

In fall 2009, Sony outlined its plans for creating an all encompassing online service out of the PlayStation Network that integrates the service with hardware products.

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